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AIRSAFE™ offers the industry’s largest selection of air hitches. Innovation and engineering insures you receive the safest and smoothest ride.

Enjoy the ride, arrive alive!

Without “True Air” Side to Side Action You Have Frame “Twisting”

“True Air” Side to Side Action Stops Frame “Twisting”

Side to Side Without Air
Side to Side With Air

AirSafe Hitch - Hitches For Sale

AirSafe Hitches is committed to giving you the safest and most comfortable ride possible. We offer the largest selection of air hitches in the industry, including 5th wheel hitches, gooseneck hitches, and receiver hitches. Our hitches utilize the most innovative engineering and design available on the market today. With a fully height adjustable design, AirSafe hitches are easy to use and don”t cause any headaches.

Why use an air hitch? Check out the many advantages of AirSafe hitches. We eliminate all the shock so that your drive feels good and you arrive safely.


AirSafe hitches also deliver the ultimate in safety. With only 10% trailer inertia, our hitches make your vehicles sway a lot less. By evenly distributing the weight between the trailer and the tow vehicle, you will have more ability to brake and steer safely.


AirSafe Hitches are the safest way to tow anything, and they provide the most comfort of any ride. If that isn't enough to convince you, these hitches are also affordable. With AirSafe Hitches, you get safety, comfort, and savings all in one.

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No sales tax unless shipped to North Dakota.


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