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5th Wheel

- 10K-18K AirBox

- 20K Omni-Directional

- 25K Omni-Directional

- 32K Heavy Duty

- Air Pin Box


- Class 3 - 6K GTW

- Class 4 - 10K GTW

- Class 5 - 14K GTW

- Class 6 - 20K GTW

- Class 6SP - 25K GTW

- Class 7 - 25K GTW

- Class 8 - 30K GTW


- Round 25K GTW

- Square 25K GTW


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The  20K 5th Wheel (Valley Head)

20K omni-directional 5th Wheel

4,500 lbs. Pin Weight

(5 to 20,000) GTW

14” to 20” Height Adjustment

Omni Directional Control

Visual Latch Inductor

Positive Locking of the Trailer King Pin

Completely encircles the King Pin

Some people say the hitch is an over-kill for a smaller trailer. The design of the Omni-Directional hitch allow you to get a all of the benefits no matter what your Trailer Pin Weight is by just adjusting the amount of the air in the hitch to meet your trailer Pin Weight. If you trade trailers or trucks just add or release air for the new Pin Weight.

20K omni-directional 5th wheel side view

Four Firestone® Air Springs ensure the smoothest of rides

Multi-Color line shows when properly inflated Air Bags

5th Wheel Air Bag
5th Wheel shock  level lines

5th Wheel

- Omni-Directional

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Improve Your Ride

5th Wheel details

Without Air Hitch

Without Air 5th Wheel

With Air Hitch

With Air 5th Wheel
With Ait 5th Wheel
20K Head underside view
20K Latch Indicator

Look at the indicator located on the front forward surface of the hitch head assembly. When it is extended out of the housing, the king pin is fully seated.

20K Omni-Directional 5th wheel Top View
  • Increases Ride Quality
  • Increases Life of Transmission
  • Saves Gas
  • Increases Tire Life
  • Increases Life of Trailer
  • Increases Life of Electronics
  • Reduced Driver Fatigue
  • Four specifically designed air springs located in each tower corner reduces shock transfer by 90%
  • Full multi-directional motion, front to back, back to front , side to side, corner to corner for maximum shock absorption and ultimate ride control
  • Greatly reduces chucking, bucking , bouncing and surge
  • Two industrial shocks located on the side of each tower to eliminate oscillation
  • Quickly attaches to standard rails.
  • Disassembles quickly into 4 sections for easy removal.
  • All four air bags air joined together giving an unbelievably fluent air motion
  • No bearings to crush or wear-out, instead we use the military tough Nyloil® which is a self lubricating nylon. So tough you can actually machine it.
  • Powder coated for a tough durable finish giving longer life and increased visual appeal.
  • Engineered using Solid Works® the worlds most recognized engineering software.
  • Assembled with Class 8 nuts and bolts
  • 2 year warranty
  • Convenient air stem location for easy air access.
  • Rated at 4500lb pin weight 20,000 GTVW
  • DVD installation and instruction video available
  • Online installation instructions and assembly information
  • Order yours today.


With AIRSAFE™ you stop the flow of shock flow between the tow vehicle to the trailer and greatly reduce the explosion of energy when these two forces meet. The patented AIRSAFE™ hitches are engineered so the connection to the trailer is separated from the connection to the tow vehicle by an industrial strength airbag.

For the big jobs AIRSAFE™ offers our patented Omni-Directional 20K and 25K air hitch 5th wheel products. Once connected to the trailer simply adjust air levels for proper ride height. This maintenance free patented Omni-Directional (multi- directional ) system features 4 unique air bags located in each corner of the towers, all air bags are connected by lines allowing a free flow of air from bag to bag giving you a smooth , controlled ride. If for any reason air pressure is lost in the AIRSAFE™ products, they will simply turn into a rigid connection.

With trailers getting larger and with more accessories such as slide-outs there has never been a greater need for AIRSAFE™ products. What is amazing is the huge amount of shock these large trailers transfer to the tow vehicle and how the AIRSAFE™ omni- directional system, absorbs this shock.

In our video you can watch as energy is transferred from the front of the 5th wheel to the back of the fifth wheel during acceleration and again during braking. You will then see how our Omni-Directional AIRSAFE™ hitch controls this motion greatly increases braking control since all of the weight of the tow vehicle and trailer is distributed evenly giving you increased positive contact.

You can watch the side to side, corner to corner movement being absorbed by this AIRSAFE™ 5th wheel during routine turns. The tow vehicle and trailer track independently giving you greater control and added safety virtually eliminating sway. You keep control over bumps, potholes, expansion joints, curves, hills and other road hazards.
Our patented products insure Enjoy the ride, arrive alive.

Patented and Patent Pending

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