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The  20K 5th Wheel (Valley Head)

20K omni-directional 5th Wheel

4,500 lbs. Pin Weight

(5 to 20,000) GTW

14” to 20” Height Adjustment

Omni Directional Control

Visual Latch Inductor

Positive Locking of the Trailer King Pin

Completely encircles the King Pin

Some people say the hitch is an over-kill for a smaller trailer. The design of the Omni-Directional hitch allow you to get a all of the benefits no matter what your Trailer Pin Weight is by just adjusting the amount of the air in the hitch to meet your trailer Pin Weight. If you trade trailers or trucks just add or release air for the new Pin Weight.

20K omni-directional 5th wheel side view

Four Firestone® Air Springs ensure the smoothest of rides

Multi-Color line shows when properly inflated Air Bags

5th Wheel Air Bag
5th Wheel shock  level lines
20K Head underside view
20K Latch Indicator
20K Omni-Directional 5th wheel Top View

Look at the indicator located on the front forward surface of the hitch head assembly. When it is extended out of the housing, the king pin is fully seated.

20K 5th Wheel1

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