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For a fluid ride and the perfect control, consider the AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch. The AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch is designed to provide a less-jarring ride when you are towing, therefore preventing both your tires and your nerves from wearing thin. The AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch allows 90 percent less grating and rubbing when you are pulling a trailer than a traditional hitch does. The friction reduction allows you to get more efficient gas mileage and decreases the amount of strain on the suspension systems of your truck and your trailer. A smoother ride also eliminates the possibility of damage to the objects inside your trailer.


The AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch is adjustable to the height of your trailer. There is never a need to release air or to re-inflate the AirSafe hitch when you are connecting or disconnecting your trailer. We offer both standard and heavy-duty hitches capable of carrying 25,000 lbs GTW and 32,000 GTW, respectively.


Our AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitches are designed to move in multiple directions, decreasing the amount of wear and tear on the hitch itself and enabling you to maintain a level position with the side rails. Our “True Air” Air Ride system helps to increase the life of the suspension of your vehicle by absorbing the torque created by the trailer, therefore decreasing driver strain and making road trips a more pleasant experience.


The AirSafe Fifth Wheel Hitch is designed to keep you safe on the road, to make the trip as smooth as possible and to eliminate stress on the objects in your trailer and the tow vehicle. What’s not to like? Order your hitch today to experience the ride that’s like a glide.

Without “True Air” Side to Side Action You Have Frame “Twisting”

“True Air” Side to Side Action Stops Frame “Twisting”

Side to Side Without Air
Side to Side With Air

Short bed truck options

Most trailer built after 2007 were designed to be pulled with short bed trucks. The trailer have extended king pins and the design of the front of the trailer is rounded and allow for greater turning ability.


If you don't have a extended king pin then there is a universal king pin extension available.

Install a King Pin Extender on your trailer

(Click and see the universal extended king pin in our accessories page.)


Install an Extended Air Pin Box

(Click and see the Air Pin Box.)


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